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Crafted modular spaces create different stages in the exact same structure: there are hall in total white style, poolside cool patio, access point  to the outside down to the sea to make Vela Club an exclusive place for events and meetings.


Villa Guarracino is the Luxury Resort in the green park of Villa Filangieri  in “Capo Oncino” , Torre Annunziata. the Resort arises surrounding the sea, with an open view over the fantastic Gulf: it consists of three refined separated locations  with an independent access to allow privacy and exclusivity.

The three spaces in Villa Guarracino are shrouded in relax and natural scents; they seem little dreams ready to materialize, in three different styles to frame memorable moments, elegant “mise-en-scene”over romantic glimpsers: Palazzo Concerti gives intimate events th perfect atmosphere with its historical flavour recalling the past; the sparkling Belvedere gets you to live magic moments; Fortino is the innovative solution for no conventional party.

Everything is carried out by Di Prisco Group (Events Design & Creative Banqueting) that works with class and experience.

In the past Palazzo dei Concerti (concerts building)was intended to very lapis meetings and all napoletan royalty was invited to; in the theatre, on the first floor, concerts and shows entertained guests pleasantly.

It was built by Count Guarracino near to the Fort, count’s summer residence, and it is fitted with architectural fine elements on the fronts.

Nowadays, this eclectic structure, the only one in the territory, hosts an exclusive hotel for demanding people, halls on the ground floor and the park with the large pool on the coast, may give exclusive events attractive scenarios instead.

The structure has liberty style because of Female crocks on angular architectural elements and earthenware friezes; decorations for windows and balconies represent neoclassical touch instead.

Our attention to details makes Di Prisco locations very romantic and sparkling.

It is a fantastic place, at the edge of the cliff: extraordinary view over the Vesuvio gets your eyes among different colours, from green of the park to the blue sea that meets the pool blue one.

This structure, extremely chic with white sails, is accommodating romantic class events.

It was built in 1600 as a gendarmerie to supervise a larger territory called Mala Silva because of a lot of brigands; in 1801 the French fortified it with guns to keep out British fleet that was in Capri. So, it was called “didon fort” after the Colonel that worked for the rebuilding.

In 1869 Mr. Giovanni Filangieri from Arianiello, Gaetano Filangieri’s nephew, turned it into a summer residence.

The Filangieris were from Norman Angerio and for this they were called “Filli Angieri”: their family was one of the most important in Naples, under the reign of Normans and Swabians.

When Giovanni Filangieri died the residence was ruled by his daughter Teresa, Count Guarracino’s wife.

Today the structure is a spa Hotel to revitalize body and mind, but the old military pattern is still here with 19th century fronts. It is immersed in the green park,  and looks towards Naples Gulf with Sorrento, Capri and Ischia to create a fantastic space where you can relax.

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